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Annual McLaren service special $1299 includes loaner car for first time customers only. All service performed according to McLaren make, model and year factory specifications. 

Engine, Oil, Transmission, Clutch

The 720S features McLaren’s new M840T engine which is an evolution of the M838T used in the 650S. It is a 3,994 cc (4.0 L; 243.7 cu in) twin-turbocharged V8 engine. However, the stroke has been lengthened by 3.6 mm to increase the capacity and 41% of the engine’s components are new. The engine uses new twin-scroll turbochargers which have a low inertia titanium-aluminium turbines which spin with maximum efficiency with the help of actively controlled waste gates. The engine has a rated power output of 720 PS (530 kW; 710 hp) at 7,000 rpm, giving the car its name; the maximum torque is 568 lb⋅ft (770 N⋅m) at 5,500 rpm.

Our McLaren Tech Service Guide recommends

The key to maintaining your McLAren is to have a full inspection done once a year so that you can keep an eye out for wear and tear, but also to preemptively find any potential issues that might happen in the future. If driven daily driven, the annual service is done at every 12,500 miles. This will ensure that your runs at optimal performance throughout its lifetime.

Brakes, Rotors, Pads & Fluid

The latest teaser shows off the supercar’s stopping power. With the ability to hit 124 miles per hour (200 kilometers per hour) in 7.8 seconds, it can then brake to a standstill in just 4.6 seconds and 127 yards (117 meters). That’s about 6.5 yards (6 meters) less than the outgoing 650S and almost on par with the million-dollar P1 hypercar.

Those impressive braking capabilities are thanks in part to new carbon-ceramic discs that are lighter and stiffer than other calipers in the range. The brakes were said to be put through some of the most rigorous tests ever undertaken by McLaren engineers.

Tires, Suspension & Alignment

The suspension’s job in your McLaren is to not only keep a comfortable ride; it is also to provide optimal handling characteristics. Properly functioning suspension will keep alignment within specification in a straight line as well as in the corners. Moreover, this keeps the tires from wearing unevenly. At each service interval, it is recommended to check the suspension components for any squeaks, rattles, leakage, or play. Alignment can seriously affect both tire wear as well as the handling characteristics of a car. Therefore, it is imperative that the alignment is checked on a regular basis.

Tires are also wearable items that need to be checked at every service interval. Unfortunately, many owners tend to ignore their tires. As they are the only part of your vehicle that are in contact with the ground, they affect handling, acceleration, braking, and crucially, safety. Wear on your McLaren will vary depending on driving conditions, driving style, and whether or not the vehicle is all-wheel drive or not.

The McLaren comes with these tire sizes, depending on rim size:

FRONT TIRES: 235/45ZR17 (F1)

REAR TIRES: 315/45ZR17 (F1)

We are pleased to offer McLaren Diagnostic, Maintenance and Repair Services to better accommodate clients with this need. We use the most modern diagnostic instruments to ensure accurate inspections and to ensure your car is kept in optimum condition. Our McLAren tech service offerings include the following:

  • McLaren Automotive Repair
  • McLaren Preventative Maintenance
  • McLaren Air Conditioning & Heater Service
  • McLaren Cooling System & Radiator Repair
  • McLaren Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement
  • McLaren Oil Filter Replacement
  • McLaren Brake Repair
  • McLaren Engine Diagnostic
  • McLaren Tune-Up
  • McLaren Belts, Hoses, Fluids 
  • McLaren Air Filters
  • McLaren Alternators
  • McLaren Batteries
  • McLaren Headlights
  • McLaren Starters
  • McLaren Transmission Services
  • McLaren Struts
  • McLaren Fluid Level Checks & Corrections
  • McLaren Discounted Parts

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