Major & Minor Service

Ever wondered why each of the services of your car differs from the other? We offer a comprehensive range of primary and minor services for your vehicle –tailor-made to meet the unique specifications of each vehicle. Right from simple vehicle oil changes to complicated electrical repairs, our team of trained technicians can handle all your car repair & maintenance needs. For more information, reach out to us now!

Vehicle servicing is crucial to ensure that your vehicle retains the most responsive and efficient performance for the longest possible time. To top it all, when you provide regular servicing of your car, it will increase the overall resale value of the same. Our trained and experienced technicians are experts at conducting professional major & minor servicing at highly competitive rates.

Full Range of Automotive Repair Services from the Experts

Suppose you are confused about going for major or minor services for your vehicle. In that case, we will deliver you a detailed lowdown of the differences between the major and minor automotive services. The major point of difference between a major and minor repair service for your vehicle is the number of parts & time required for carrying out specific vehicles’ maintenance schedules. Our experienced technicians have gained ample expertise in delivering professional major & minor car repair & maintenance services at affordable rates.

Minor Services for Your Vehicle

Our experts’ minor service is typically known to include a comprehensive range of vehicle inspection & diagnostic checks, filter and engine oil replacement, tire rotation, and vehicle greasing. It is a part of the logbook service –also referred to as the general or basic service.

As per the standard guidelines, it would eventually depend on the type of vehicle, engine type, requirements of the manufacturers, and how your car is being utilized. A minor vehicle service by our experts is required every year or upon 10,000 miles.

Major Services for Your Vehicle

Our team of factory-trained technicians is a major service known to include the replacement of differential and transmission oils, lubrication of the pinion and ring gears for transferring power from the respective driveshaft to the subsequent wheel axles. You can also count on us when it comes to checking or replacing brakes, clutch fluid, adjustment of the tappet clearance for ensuring that the most critical components of the engine in its best possible condition. Through a major vehicle service, our technicians also check as well as replace grease of wheel bearings.

Depending on the type of vehicle, requirements of the manufacturers, engine type, and other factors, you can count on our professional range of major services –preferably after two minor services.

Improve the Overall Performance of Your Vehicle with Our Assistance

Regular servicing –both minor and major, can help identify potential problems and resolve them at the earliest. You can count on us for all your car maintenance & repair needs.