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After the Ferrari F430, a mid-engine V8 berlinetta, Ferrari 458 Italia was manufactured. Between 2009 until 2015, the 458 Italia was produced by Ferrari and was later displaced by the Ferrari 488 GTB.

It was the final pininfarina manufactured car, because the Ferrari brand transitioned to internal design with the arrival of the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Available are the automatic and convertible “Spyder” versions and also high-efficiency “Speciale” variation for both of them. For numerous lovers, the 458 Italia is admired as the final V8 that is naturally- aspirated with the prancing horse from Ferrari.

The purpose of this Ferrari 458 Service lead is to give an endorsed maintenance program. In order for its possessor to maintain the elite condition of their Italian exotic beauty. To lengthen the vehicle’s longevity, precautionary maintenance is vital, also, preventing neglect triggered expensive repairs.

Ferrari 458 Engine, Oil, Transmission, Clutch

The Ferrari’s F136-F naturally-aspirated 90 degree V8 is what is used by The Ferrari 458 Italia. It’s an advancement of the F136-I and the F136-E discovered in California and the Ferrari F430. It characterizes a dry-sump oil and also a direct injection system.  The Ferrari’s dual-clutch automatic transmission is     what the 458 Italia was offered exclusively with.

The Ferrari 458 Service Guide endorses these maintenance intervention programs:

Yearly or after 6,000 miles:

  • For every 5000 -6000 miles, conduct filter replacement and oil change
  • Change the pollen filter
  • Scan the DEIS
  • Inspect the brakes
  • Examine the levels of Hydraulic Clutch Fluid and Transmission Oil and if required, top-up
  • Examine the rear and front suspension system
  • Examination of Transmission & Differential Assembly
  • Examine the Tire Wear

Biennial or 12,500 Miles (Covers 6,000 MI Service Plus 🙂

  • Examine rotors, brake pads and change brake fluid
  • Examination of the electronic parking brake
  • Screw up the engine and transmission Fasteners and Mounts 
  • Change Air Filter of the engine

Quadrennial (4 Years) or 37,500 Miles (Covers 12,500 Mi Service Plus 🙂

  • Change Auxiliary Belts.
  • Change Spark Plugs.

The owners of the car must ensure during each service to get visible inspection of the whole vehicle so as to ensure all parts are working effectively.  These inspections should cover examining for any leakages or expedited wear and tear.

It should be noted that the service guide of the Ferrari 458 advocates these only when the vehicle is frequently driven on public roads.  Wear and tears will increase and be earlier serviced more regularly than the arrangement explained above if the car is tracked

Ferrari 458 Brakes, Rotors, Pads, Fluid.

As a business, Ferrari is much entangled in motorsport and as a result influences their models which are road going. The race-obtained carbon-ceramic brakes are standard with Ferrari 458 Italia. These brakes are fairly big, having 398mm in front and 360mm at the back. Fastened with 6 piston calipers in front and 4-piston calipers at the back. 

Throughout the lifetime of the vehicle should the brake rotors last. But the driving style as well as the driving conditions will determine how the brake pad wears. The owner’s hardness on the brake will determine the frequency it will be changed. Hence the crucial reason for checking the brake wear during every servicing period. Every 2 years, the brake oil should be replaced to guarantee a dirt, oil and moisture free system. 

Ferrari 458 Tires, Suspension & Alignment.

To be inspected during the servicing period are the tires which are also wearable items. Sadly tires tend to be disregarded by its owners. Tires influence braking, acceleration, handling and most importantly safety because the tires are the only ones that have contacts with the ground. Driving styles, driving conditions and if the car is all-wheel drive or not determines its range of wear 

The tire size of the Ferrari 458 Italia are:

FRONT: 235/35/R20
Back: 295/35/R20

In stock and Available to order are the GI Automotive which has a variety of track and road Ferrari 458 Italia tires. To ascertain the most suitable tire for your personal diving needs, consultation is available. The features of the car and the wear of tires can be severely affected by alignment. As a result of this, the alignment of the car must be critically examined regularly.

The Ferrari 458 Service Guide advice on inspecting castor, camber and toe for forbearance around factory guidelines or a custom guidance when needed. Keeping the ride enjoyable is not only the job of the suspension, it also delivers superlative handling features. Alignment will be kept within guidelines in the corners and also straight lines if suspensions are working very well.

Furthermore, this protects the tires from wear at different times instead of together. The suspension component should be examined for leakages, rattles, play and squeaks based on recommendation during service gap.