The Alfa Romeo Giulia has been lauded for its role in rehabilitating a once declining reputation in reliability for the Italian motor company. Since initial release in 2015, the Giulia range has delivered an executive saloon class ideal for professionals and families alike.

Lots of us have a little routine when we start up our Giulia and get ready to drive off to work or to drop the kids off at school. What you may never have considered is that your own habits are getting in the way of your Alfa Romeo Giulia doing what it does to assist in its own maintenance and your comfort. Below are some tips on how to get the most out of your Giulia.

1. Parallel Parking Mirror Problem

Some drivers of the Alfa Romeo Giulia have noted that when you go into reverse gear, the side mirrors don’t automatically adjust to show you a better view of the ground. This is unlike some other executive models, including many BMWs. There is a solution, however. In your Giulia, you can program the mirror position as one of the driver seat settings (you can have up to 3 on the Giulia). So, you can program the mirror position into one of the seat settings, and simply push that button to get the perfect mirror position any time you need that better view for tricky parallel parking.

2. The A/C is a Dehumidifier

If you’ve ever wondered or been irritated by the car’s automatic activation of a/c when you start it up, then consider the following. Regardless of the temperature outside or the temperature you set inside, the Giulia, like many executive saloons in fact, is primed to dehumidify the cabin as much as possible to prevent condensation. Think about that next time you go to switch it off.

3. Cancelling the Sunroof “Boom”

The sunroof is a great feature of the Giulia, but when cruising at speed it can generate that irritating “boom” as the Helmholtz Resonance takes effect. From your driver’s seat, if you just crack open the rear windows, you can make the cabin quieter with more balanced air pressure, allowing you to enjoy that sunroof properly.

4. Get the Window Tint If You Can

There are some restrictions on having all-tinted windows on your Giulia, depending on where you live. The privacy glass is not a mere cosmetic feature, but a maintenance aide. The tinted glass will add much-needed UV protection (not to mention extra security and privacy) which benefits much of your Giulia’s interior, especially the leather upholstery. UV exposure is a real curse for your car’s upholstery, dash, and even the electronics and safety systems like the airbags. Anything you can do to furnish greater protection from it would be advisable. Consider a sunshade for the windshield if you often park outdoors and in the sun.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

The Giulia may stand out as one of the most beautiful executive cars out there, but it’s not impervious to harm. Keep up with regular maintenance and minimize stress on the car using tips like the ones we mention above. Look after the Giulia and it will look after you.