Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre-purchase Inspections in San Diego done by Certified and Experienced Technicians

Are you purchasing a used car? Get a pre-purchase inspection done on the used car before making the purchase! You don’t want to find any problem that may arise after you purchase the used vehicle. We are here to help you make the best choice when it comes to buying a used car. With over eighteen years of experience in the automotive industry, we are confident we can get the vehicle thoroughly inspected for any issues. With a reliable team of experienced mechanics, we can provide access to auto appraisal services anytime. At European Coach Inc, our highly skilled mechanics are known to take their time in carrying out in-depth pre-purchase inspections to get the most accurate results. We service all surrounding areas of San Diego.

What Do We Charge For Our Pre-Purchase Inspection?

We charge $110 and up depending on the brand of the used vehicle.

What does Our Pre-Purchase Report include?

Each pre-purchase inspection report that we provide includes a detailed analysis of the vehicle dashboard, tires and suspension condition, fluid levels, brakes, engines, transmission, exhaust, and the overall condition of the vehicle’s body. We are renowned for providing a specialized range of tailor-made vehicle inspection reports for all vehicle brands.

Please refer to our pre-purchase inspection checklist here. 

Get Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Done by the Pros 

Our mission is to offer you premium-grade services that you would expect from a professional in the automotive industry. We understand the importance of vehicle inspection before purchasing, especially when buying a used vehicle. One of the significant downsides of purchasing a pre-owned or used car is that you are not aware of the background history. Pre-purchase inspection reports are vital to understanding the state of the vehicle that you will be buying.

Pre-purchase reports that our team provides help in listing the service history of the particular used vehicle. In-depth information can also let you know whether or not proper preventative measures have been implemented.

If you can spot the problems before purchasing the vehicle without any warranty, this can help you save tons of money. You can also leverage the existing issues to negotiate a better price for the given vehicle or run while you still can.

Understand Our Inspection Process

  • Order Pre-Purchase Inspection: You can place an order or book an appointment for pre-purchase inspection services.
  • Inspection by an Experienced Team Member: Our team of expert technicians will use our in-depth pre-purchase inspection checklist form to give you a full understanding of the used vehicle.
  • Delivering the Inspection Report: Our technicians would then submit the detailed report. You will receive a paper copy of the entire pre-purchase checklist once completed.

Why Choose European Coach Inc For A PPI?

Our average vehicle mechanics have over eighteen years of experience with access to the right certifications to deliver optimum results.

  • Multiple specialized pre-purchase inspection reports
  • Presence of knowledgeable staff to provide relevant advice
  • We offer the topmost quality and detailed vehicle inspections in San Diego

European Coach Inc recommends getting the most out of your pre-owned or used car by doing a pre-purchase vehicle inspection before purchasing.