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Rim & Wheel Repair/ Modifications

Full-Service Rim or Wheel Repair Services from the Experts

Wheel or rim damage can take away the overall curb appeal of your vehicle. From cracks to gauges to scrapes, the unsightly appearance can also result in expensive repairs or the installation of new wheels. To ensure the best-ever results for your vehicle, we have been practicing our auto repair & replacement techniques to meet the ever-growing demands for high-quality rim & wheel repairs. For more information on our detailed services, contact our team now!

Our professional range of wheel or rim repair services can fix a broad scope of wheel and rim damage –right from car coats that are peeling to damaged rims, bents, or scratched wheels. We feature a team of highly skilled technicians who deliver all wheels or rims to the respective original condition. We offer professional wheel repair services to auto auctions, body shops, leasing companies, and dealerships.

Wheel or Rim Repair Experts

We follow a comprehensive wheel or rim repair process that starts with a wheel or rim inspection. These include wheel straightening, polishing, buffing, refinishing, powder coating, grinding, and repainting to ensure that the repaired wheels can match all the other wheels of the customers’ vehicle.

Wheel repairs by our professional team of experienced technicians are characterized by our unparalleled dedication to continuous innovation and top-notch quality. When you use our professional services for wheel or rim repairs & replacements, we provide you with the assurance that:

  • All vehicle repairs tend to be 100 percent guaranteed.
  • Our technicians boast the highest level of training & expertise.
  • You can look forward to enjoying a fast and reliable wheel or rim repair services.

Dedicated Wheel Services for Your Vehicle

  • Rim Straightening: Our technicians are capable of practically repairing or straightening any bent rim. We also repair chrome, aluminum, and steel rims. Our skilled specialists make use of state-of-the-art rim straightening devices to achieve the most accurate repairs.
  • Cosmetic Repair & Polishing: We also offer lucrative packages within which our experts aim at covering all cosmetic gouges, scrapes, and dings. Through these cosmetic services, we ensure that your wheels appear looking brand-new as ever.
  • Wheel Protection: We aim to cover your chrome or aluminum wheels with a protective cover for maximum wheel protection. When your wheels are covered or coated with a protective paint, you can be assured of its overall durability.
  • Powder Coating: Serving as the best alternative to automotive liquid paints, powder coating services that we offer deliver excellent durability and protection to the rims. The powder is available in a wide range of color options and finishes to ensure the best results.
  • PVD Chroming: We use innovative chroming methods based on the concept of PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition. It serves to be an all-new standard for the given kind of finish. Our PVD chroming services are environmentally-friendly and harmless.

Get access to our professional wheel or rim repair services now.